2019 China International Paper packaging omnipoten

On the morning of October 25, under the guidance of China Printing and Equipment Industry Association and China Printing Technology Association, sponsored by China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute and Beijing Science and Printing Media Culture Co., Ltd., and hosted by Science and Printing Media Printing Technology, China International Paper Packaging All-round Forum and Paper Packaging Industry Chain Solution Show The press conference of the exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "CIPP2019") was successfully held in the same period of the 2018 China International Full Print Exhibition.

At the press conference, Ms. Chen Yan, Executive Chairman of China Printing Technology Association, Director and General Manager of China Cultural Industry Development Group, Mr. Wang Lijian, Vice-Chairman and Secretary-General of China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, Ms. Chang Xiaoxia, General Manager of Beijing Science and India Media Culture Co., Ltd., and Chairman of China-Germany Group Mr. Jiang Yuanlei, General Manager of Shanghai Tiancen Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Mr. Xia Chuanlie, Chairman of Zhejiang Huayue Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Fang Xintong, Chairman of Zhejiang Jinbao Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Jiantong, Chairman of Zhejiang Zhengrun Machinery Co., Ltd., Mr. Cai Xifu, General Manager and other guiding units and sponsoring units The leaders of the sponsors attended the press conference. In addition, the conference also invited a number of industry associations representatives, colleagues in the printing industry and more than a dozen industry media to attend and exchange. The conference was chaired by Ms. Song Huihui, editor in chief of the printing technology.

Ms. Chen Yan first gave a speech on behalf of the China Printing Technology Association. She pointed out the important position of paper packaging market in the whole packaging industry and fully affirmed the value of CIPP2019 "whole industry chain" platform. At the same time, she also said that CIPP 2019 will truly understand the actual needs of the industry, plan the forum content from the industry pain point, and invite excellent enterprises from all sectors of the paper packaging industry chain to join in, promote the integration and development of the paper packaging industry chain, and wish the event a complete success.

Although it is nearly a year before the opening of CIPP in 2019, in order to give the industry the best effect of activities and truly realize the value of the "whole industry chain", the organizers and partners have actively and enthusiastically invested in the initial preparations for various work, and they are very welcome to participate in all aspects of the paper packaging industry chain in order to build a viable industry chain. The platform of value is working together. I believe that, with the attention and support of colleagues in the industry, it will surely contribute a higher quality and higher level of industry event for the paper packaging industry in 2019.


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