How to make packing boxes

Pay attention to the paper used in printing process. Because the main purpose of books is to make people read more convenient and comfortable, so the choice of paper should be very important. In general, printed books should not use too white paper, but should use slightly yellowish paper, so that people will have a more comfortable feeling of reading, and can protect people's vision.

Pay attention to the typesetting problem of books. I think whether a book can be loved by people, on the one hand, the content of the book, on the other hand, to ensure that the layout of the book is more reasonable. For example, the page number of a book should be marked in a relatively obvious place, which is conducive to marking and bookmarking. In addition, books in the process of printing should also have appropriate row spacing, so that people can have a more comfortable reading experience.

We should pay attention to selecting an excellent printing company to save costs. The printing of books needs to cooperate with an excellent printing company, and a more reliable printing company should be chosen, otherwise there may be piracy of books.

If we all want to produce better and more popular books, we need to choose a reliable printing company.


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